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Insurance Premiums and Points

For many people with a good driving record, the most immediate problem caused by a speeding ticket is an increase to their insurance premiums. A single speeding ticket can easily raise your insurance rates by 30-45% for the next three years. In many cases you will save money by hiring an attorney who will avoid insurance points and keep your rates low.

Insurance Points Vs. DMV Points

Insurance points and DMV points are not the same thing. The DMV uses a point system to grade the frequency and severity of traffic offenses, and will suspend a driver's license for accumulating too many points too quickly. While the state DMV point system is public, in many cases the insurance point system is private.

Insurance points are used by insurance companies to determine what rates to charge. In most states, each insurance company uses their own internal point system. In a few states, such as North Carolina, insurance points are determined by statute; the system is public and the rate increases are predictable.

Different charges carry different insurance point values, and some charges, such as non-moving violations, don't carry any insurance points at all. Additionally, you can sometimes avoid a conviction entirely by participating in the Driver Improvement Program, keeping your insurance rates from increasing.

Knowing the System

The insurance point system is not always intuitive. After years of practice and courtroom experience, I've learned what reductions will have an effect on your insurance, and which won't. Prepaying a ticket will always be cheaper and easier in the short term, but can often lead to costs and consequences that far outweigh the price of an experienced attorney.